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Inspecting your Endoscope

Endoscopes are an important piece of equipment for your hospital or practice. They have the ability to thoroughly examine a patient’s anatomy, enabling difficult diagnoses and providing opportunities for therapeutic intervention to help treat and prevent a multitude of diseases, including cancer. However, a broken endoscope or an endoscope that isn’t working according to the […]

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Different Types of Endoscopes and What They’re Used For

Endoscopes are used to diagnose a variety of different conditions and abnormalities that may otherwise go undetected. Find out how each of the below endoscopes can help to diagnose and/or resolve any issues.

Gastroscopes are used for upper GI endoscopy, which includes the stomach, esophagus, and small intestine (duodenum). Most commonly, they are used to diagnose […]

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Primary Components of an Endoscope

Endoscopes play a vital role in investigating, and diagnosing, the cause of many physical problems in patients.

Using an endoscope, doctors may check the digestive system, identify obstructions, and cauterize wounds or perform biopsies. These are complicated systems, designed to play an essential role in medical care – but how are they put together?

By looking at […]

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Why Price Should Not Be the Only Factor when Purchasing Refurbished Endoscopic Equipment

Hospitals and clinics across the United States face great financial pressure. Multiple aspects of running a medical facility make an impact on allocated budgets: maintaining a high standard of patient-care, paying overheads and utilities, staff salaries, and purchasing equipment – every cent counts.

Saving money wherever possible is vital. With the high price brand-new equipment typically […]

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Three Key Questions to Ask an Endoscope Repair Facility

An endoscope repair facility can help you to reduce the cost of replacing them and prevent waste: when one of your scopes experiences technical issues or appears to be at fault, fixing the problem may be a better solution than simply throwing it out and buying a new one.

Most of us know how strained medical […]

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What is an endoscope?

What is an Endoscope?

Many of us may well have heard of endoscopes, perhaps in medical dramas on television or at the movies, but what are they?

While the technology itself is complex, the purpose behind endoscopes is actually surprisingly simple.

Endoscopy is a medical procedure performed when doctors need to explore a patient’s insides – unlike x-rays […]

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2015 NAVC Conference

Pro Scopes Systems is excited to be an exhibitor at the North American Veterinary Community Conference in Orlando, Florida on the dates of January 18th-21st. The NAVC is a nonprofit organization that provides world-class continuing professional development for the global veterinary healthcare community.

Please stop by our booth #3706 at the show and see how we […]

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Fast Endoscope Repairs for Local Medical Facilities

Pro Scope Systems provides fast, exceptional service for medical facilities in the greater Cincinnati, Tri-state area. For local Endoscopy Departments, Endoscopy Centers, and Surgery Centers who need scope repairs fast, we follow a specialized process to provide the most rapid response possible. This process incudes picking up and returning equipment directly to the medical facility—eliminating […]

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