An endoscope repair facility can help you to reduce the cost of replacing them and prevent waste: when one of your scopes experiences technical issues or appears to be at fault, fixing the problem may be a better solution than simply throwing it out and buying a new one.

Most of us know how strained medical professionals, hospitals, and clinics are, from a financial perspective: the sheer number of items used on a daily basis costs incredible amounts of money. If you plan to use an endoscope repair facility, you need to be sure you find the best, most reliable one for your unique requirements and budget. Which three key questions should you ask before working with them?

Are they Certified by a Governing Body?

This is very important: if your potential facility has no official certification from a governing body, you cannot be sure of their professional standards. Endoscopes are invasive devices, and so great care must be taken to ensure they are fit for purpose before use – technical faults can cause delays, possible harm to the patient, and good hygiene is essential during repair works.

What is their Repair Philosophy?

A company with a sloppy approach to their work should set off warning signals in your mind. Repair facilities should have a full, up-to-date understanding of the device’s manufacturer’s specifications & instructions, and provide a loaner while your device undergoes repair.

Try to find out whether they have the manufacturer’s repair procedures, if their technicians receive regular training, and whether they have evidence of relevant training/certification to back up their claims.

When discussing the possibility and/or availability of loaners, be sure that the devices meet your needs: Are they in full working order? Are they significantly older than the model you need repairing?

In the case of the latest high-tech endoscopes – such as tiny devices sent through the patient’s body after swallowing, to send images to doctors wirelessly – ensuring proper repair and hygiene is especially important.

How can I prevent this damage from occurring again?

A good endoscope repair facility should prioritize customer service above making money off repeat repairs. Ask for their advice on avoiding future issues following service: they should be able to offer in-depth information on proper use, cleaning, and maintenance.

By offering advice, the repair facility will show their willingness to help customers and maximize the lifespan of the equipment they have just fixed. At ProScope Systems, we’re dedicated to providing exceptional service, cutting-edge repair, and in-depth professional guidance on safeguarding your endoscopes against further problems.