Hospitals and clinics across the United States face great financial pressure. Multiple aspects of running a medical facility make an impact on allocated budgets: maintaining a high standard of patient-care, paying overheads and utilities, staff salaries, and purchasing equipment – every cent counts.

Saving money wherever possible is vital. With the high price brand-new equipment typically commands, buying refurbished equipment can help hospitals and clinics cut costs and direct more funds into alternative channels. Endoscopes, in particular, are used in many procedures, to investigate and diagnose multiple medical problems, and staff always need to have a wide range available at all times.

Low Costs are Not the Only Benefit

Refurbished endoscopes are available at lower prices than new models, providing cost-effective use without sacrificing quality. However, price should not be the only factor you consider when buying used endoscopic equipment.

When buying from a reputable company like ourselves at Pro Scope Systems, hospitals and clinics can rest assured that all products receive comprehensive testing, to ensure the highest quality of performance.

Saving Money, Saving Time, Saving Lives

Another benefit of buying used endoscopes is the sense of familiarity staff may feel: when purchasing brand new scopes, any changes made by the manufacturer will mean staff need to get to grips with the updated design.

When treating patients, especially during busy periods, there may be severe restraints on the amount of time allocated to each person – the better an operator can handle an endoscope, regardless of its type and the invasive task at hand, the less time will be needed.

Having to train staff in the use and specifics of new endoscopes takes time and resources from other areas in which they may be sorely needed. A hospital may have provided staff with the same specific models of endoscopes for years, and if they need replacing all at the same time, staff will require training, as well as time to adapt.

Refurbished endoscopes provide medical facilities with a cost-effective solution – which is particularly ideal during challenging economic times as these. Pro Scopes Systems has 14 years’ experience repairing and supplying used endoscopes to hospitals and clinics. We are committed to providing exceptional customer service, and we calibrate all equipment to meet, or even exceed, the manufacturer’s specifications.